Tuesday, August 17, 2010


I just got this a few wks ago and I'm aready neglecting.
Lately I just haven't been in the mood to open up, you know?
but let's catch up on my life....

Yesterday I texted Handsome...
the only reason I did was because my sister opened her big mouth and told me something I wasn't supposed to know and it pushed me to text him...
I was soooo scared but Ashley & Chelsi told me I should do it.
I thought if he would reply he would cuss me out and say why the fuck are you talking to me :/
maybe cause we left things on bad terms. In June I texted him and told him I blame him for everything and that because of him I got pregnant and had an abortion (I shouldn't play with that) and just makin' bs up. He go mad and went off then I did too. but he had the audacity to switch things up and make shit up. Pissed me off... can't believe I fell in love with youuu. but anyways we had the byfar weirdest convo ever! it was like we've been talking since forever. I felt so awkward. I was like wtf... I don't see why I was just a tad bit happy :/ To be honest I'm not even getting anything out it.

then there's boy.
I decided to text him at like 5 something in the morning.
I swear I never sleep, smfh. Well I thought he wasn't gona text me back because I haven't talked to him in 798973874879 yrs and I told him that!
Not my fault. I felt neglected. He so called says he was "busy" haaa yeaa righhtt.
then I think I fucked up cause I was acting like a BITCH and he ended it with "Wow." I apologized?

My Cousin Love leaves today
and my brother, OF COURSE, had to ruin and everything (like always) and we can't go to San Antonio today >:|
like seriouslyy, come on mann. I haven't seen him since friday! and that's not normal. I guess though. Hopefully he'll swing by!!!! Hopefully...

there's much more to say but Ima stop here til' later tonight.
I hope I remember...

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