Thursday, September 9, 2010

Might as well..

I'm up late and I haven't been blogging.
My mind just doesn't come to it.
but anyways time to catch up on my life..(sorta)
smh it's been something alright.
Junior Year is not what's up.
Mr.Graham can get the business but he gotta go!
I ain't playin'.
I wana say boys are overrated but to be honest I don't really have a good understanding to what it means.
Boys are confusing. but my friend told me, "The ones that play games are." Soooo true. and I had to find out for myself. Not fun.
Let's seee Clifford... He's something else. I'm not even supposed to be talking to him again, technically I don't even think we're "talking" again:/ or if we ever stopped. but let me rewind real quick.
Clifford used to call like alot over the Summer or text me but I always ignored him. I figured he liked me... I was right. but I had to find out in the worst way possible. well it's not really all that bad. but I found out thru my friend that I like... uhmmm which made things kinda confusing after that! Long story short We liked it each other... THEN school started and everything changed. like seriously? I felt like Clifford tried to play me and they were right all long. I let them rub in my face, not a good idea ):
but anyways I'm dumb enough to talk to him again. it's obvious I didn't learn the first time. but Can I Live? shooot. People make mistakes so what! I live for mistakes even though that's reaalllyyy bad! I'll grow up someday.
Until then I'll be the childish, laugh at everything, annoying little BITCH everyone loves to hate/adore:)

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