Tuesday, August 17, 2010


I just got this a few wks ago and I'm aready neglecting.
Lately I just haven't been in the mood to open up, you know?
but let's catch up on my life....

Yesterday I texted Handsome...
the only reason I did was because my sister opened her big mouth and told me something I wasn't supposed to know and it pushed me to text him...
I was soooo scared but Ashley & Chelsi told me I should do it.
I thought if he would reply he would cuss me out and say why the fuck are you talking to me :/
maybe cause we left things on bad terms. In June I texted him and told him I blame him for everything and that because of him I got pregnant and had an abortion (I shouldn't play with that) and just makin' bs up. He go mad and went off then I did too. but he had the audacity to switch things up and make shit up. Pissed me off... can't believe I fell in love with youuu. but anyways we had the byfar weirdest convo ever! it was like we've been talking since forever. I felt so awkward. I was like wtf... I don't see why I was just a tad bit happy :/ To be honest I'm not even getting anything out it.

then there's boy.
I decided to text him at like 5 something in the morning.
I swear I never sleep, smfh. Well I thought he wasn't gona text me back because I haven't talked to him in 798973874879 yrs and I told him that!
Not my fault. I felt neglected. He so called says he was "busy" haaa yeaa righhtt.
then I think I fucked up cause I was acting like a BITCH and he ended it with "Wow." I apologized?

My Cousin Love leaves today
and my brother, OF COURSE, had to ruin and everything (like always) and we can't go to San Antonio today >:|
like seriouslyy, come on mann. I haven't seen him since friday! and that's not normal. I guess though. Hopefully he'll swing by!!!! Hopefully...

there's much more to say but Ima stop here til' later tonight.
I hope I remember...

Thursday, August 5, 2010


My Mom is a FUCKING hoe.
she said NO.
I'm done.

Yeeee :) :/ :D :( ;D :'(

I'm TOO excited for the Wdym Fashion Show.
Ugh but everything's been goinn soooo WRONG.
:( I'm hoping & praying my mom doesn't try & hoe me.
I willll cry like noo joke cause then I woulda been wasting my time.
These past few days have been extremely horrible.
My mom gladly hoed me and didn't wana take out my hair.
soo NO perm for me. Now I have to wear this troll doll weave.
I decided to wash it so it can look somewhat "decent." I'm keeping my hopes up.
I want these curls to come out right. if they don't fml. I juss wana look good.
I haven't really got an outfit yet either. I was supposed to go get my dress last wknd from Forever21<3 !!!!
but Mommy decided she didn't wana go to Katy Mills. Good thing we atleast went to JcPenny's.
I'm not gona lie they got some goooood stuff ((: Got me a skirt thankk goodnesss. Cause it's bout to save me. I didn't wana wear heels but I'm forced to now. Thanks to Angel & Caitlyn!

"We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars."
     - Oscar Wilde

Yesterday I found out some bad news :( it got me all worried and stufff :/
Why do I care bout the people in my life so much??
I always wonder do they care bout me.... I need an answer.
but DAMN I really hope things turn out for the better.

"What seems to us as bitter trials, are often blessings in disguise."
  - Oscar Wilde

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Bad Habits :/

damnn, I really think this is becoming a problem!
I haven't slept in like three days or more :/
Medicine can't even help this.
I'm scared for school to come around & I'm still like this.

Anywho. since I'm up (:
I have this tincy-wincy crush <333
but Idkk bout it yet.
We'll see bout this...

Haha I think Ima playaaaa.
if youu ONLY knew ;))
but it's allll secretss.

- what you've done in the dark will light up one day.
when that happens I'm screwed.
untilllll then catch me on the flip side (:
lol there's always a back-uppp.

Meet The Browns:
Sasha: What happened to your back-up?
Renee: Eugene was my back-up.
Will: Eugene "The Machine" ?? Don't ask me how I know that.

but even back-ups cann fail.
Maybe I should jusss be that "good" girlll againn?
Ahhh who am I kidding, I wana live on the wild side for once.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010